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Maine artist Alan Magee is most famous for his strikingly detailed paintings of rocks, although his body of work includes many interesting subjects! Gyre is a fairly new limited-edition giclee print; the image size is 15" x 15".

Alan chose this image as his favorite piece of his we carry.  He said it is representative of a recent series of paintings which bring together his longstanding attachment to the stones at Pemaquid Point with influences gathered from the prehistoric stone arrangements in the British Isles.  He said, "I believe there is a psychological significance -  a metaphorical power in the act of making an arrangement...For this reason, I spend a lot of time arranging the subjects in my paintings before I begin to paint.  I'm searching for that particular balance or harmony that allows all the elements to sound within a common chord..."

This work looks exquisite in a warm silver frame with a dark inner mat and a white outer mat, as seen here on Aphorism. The framed size is approx. 23" x 24".